Welcome to the Veranda Tamarin

Looking for a hotel that fits and integrates into Tamarin's surf & beach spirit? Then, let's go to Tamarin for new family adventures in Mauritius. This time, we tested for you the newly renovated Veranda Tamarin 3*+ hotel, which has been taken over by Veranda Resorts.

Le week-end nostalgique et plein de charme à la Demeure Saint-Antoine, île Maurice

Au milieu des champs de cannes verdoyants du nord-est de l’ile Maurice, à proximité d’un site qui nous offre un panorama époustouflant des iles du nord, se cache dans un splendide jardin, un remarquable domaine. Si vous souhaitez vous immerger dans l’ambiance surannée du XIX ème siècle, je vous recommande fortement de faire une halte dans cette propriété.

Visit of the Domaine de Bois Chéri factory

Dans l'article predecdent ' A la découverte du thé de l’ile Maurice', nous avons eu l'occasion de s’essayer à la récolte du thé en compagnie des cueilleurs et cueilleuses professionnels, au Domaine de Bois Chéri. Après cette matinée culturelle pour découvrir un des joyaux du patrimoine Mauricien, avec les cueilleurs et cueilleuses de thé, il est temps de partir car nous avons été invités à visiter l’usine, pour comprendre la suite du processus de la fabrication du thé.

Cavadee, the Tamil festival of purification

Monday 21 January is Cavadee's birthday and Laurent and I decide to live a unique experience in Mauritius, even for Mauritians. It therefore seemed important to Laurent and I to better understand the celebrations of our compatriots of different faiths. It is not only enriching but also, and above all, a good way to meet our compatriots in the most intimate, deepest aspects of their lives.

Discover Tamarina Golf & Spa Boutique Hotel

This time, "we play home" : we stay on our West Coast, to discover a small quiet paradise overlooking the beautiful bay of Tamarin: Tamarina Golf & Spa Boutique hôtel. Although located only 15 minutes from home in the Rivière-Noire district of Mauritius, we nevertheless expect a nice change of scenery.

Being pampered at Seven Colours Wellness Experiences Spa

We went to the Veranda Tamarin spa, which is called the Seven Colours Wellness Experiences, for a scrub and a signature massage.

Live a dream night at Heritage Le Château in Bel-Ombre, Mauritius

Once upon a time, there was a dream of a fairy tale, a castle and a princess that was made to come true. And yes, we will tell you about this beautiful story, which is a magical and historical incursion into the heart of the Heritage Bel Ombre estate. We have tested for you the "La Vie de Château" package. A unique place to discover in Mauritius.

Immersion in China Town, a nice family activity to do in Mauritius

If there is a particularly authentic district of the deep Port Louis, it is certainly China Town, which, as its name suggests, is the Chinese district of the capital. You really have to walk and dare to venture into these narrow streets lined with buildings with beautifully decorated facades in order to discover all the little treasures that these places hide.

Immersion in the authentic district of Port-Louis, Mauritius

The Port-Louis market, better known as a bazaar in Mauritius, was built in 1828. It was restored a few years ago following a fire that destroyed most of the stalls. However, the Port-Louis Town Hall has ensured that the original stamp is preserved. The bazaar is recognisable from a distance thanks to its sumptuous grids at the two entrances opposite each other.

Discovering the tea of Mauritius Island

Laurent, mon mari, a proposé que nous allions en famille ce samedi sur la Route du Thé, qui se trouve à Bois Chéri. L’idée est de faire une sortie culturelle pour découvrir un des joyaux du patrimoine Mauricien et surtout, de s’essayer à la récolte du thé en compagnie des cueilleurs et cueilleuses professionnels.

Discover Mauritius differently as a family – Le Morne

The village of Le Morne is a quiet place that encourages you to take a stroll along its landscaped beach. We meet Lewis, a banian (fish dealer) for the last ten years. Every morning, the village’s fishermen bring their catch of the day to Lewis who sells the fish in whole or in pieces. Lewis is located along the busy road where regular buyers, as well as tourists, stop to enjoy a slice of lagoon flavours.

Discover Mauritius island by the sea

I have opted for the catamaran's trip to Île aux Cerfs, which is one of the most popular destinations in Mauritius. For this excursion with our family and friends, we chose Catamaran Cruises Mauritius, Catamaran Cruises Mauritius, for which we were the guests.

Soak up Divali, the festival of light

We have chosen for this family activity that everyone loves, the small village of Tamarin where traditionally, as in all corners of Mauritius, locals and tourists come to admire the small traditional oil lamps or the more technological lighting of the houses of our compatriots of Hindu faith that offer sweets and cakes toevery passer-by.

An afternoon mountain bike ride with your family in Midlands Dam, Mauritius

The weather was frankly not very fine this afternoon but that didn't spoil our family mountain bike trip. When we talk about Mauritius, it is obviously the beaches that come to mind, but for us who live there, we like to diversify our experiences from time to time.

Family trek: Les trois Mamelles of Mauritius

Breath-taking landscapes: how beautiful is our island Mauritius, its mountains and its nature ! This setting is really beautiful. Wild and lush, this nature is exceptional and so enchanting that it lets you believe that you are alone in the world, the more so that we didn't meet anyone. Our family excursion on our Mauritius Island started as a dream. 

From Chamarel to Grand Bassin for a family walk in Mauritius

And after about 17 kms (let's say 25 minutes, because we measure the journeys in minutes or hours in Mauritius) we finally arrive at the Ganga Talao or Grand Bassin. This is the sacred place by excellence of the Hindu religion, whose believers formthe majority in Mauritius.

Discover a different type of accommodation in Mauritius.

Time has come to start the adventure. Having packed the necessary clothing for the week end we are now on our way, direction Grand Bay, more precisely towards Pointe aux Cannoniers, a wonderful place with its multi-coloured lagoon, only forty kilometres from Tamarin.

Family weekend in “otentic” mode (authentic of course)

Taking advantage of school holidays, we decided to spend a week- end discovering our beautiful Mauritius. Lovers of nature and fond of new sightseeing, it is quite "naturally" that we have booked at Otentic Eco Tent Experience a unique type of accommodation in the east of Mauritius.